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Old 06-18-2009, 03:05 PM
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Default Lindberg 900 Series American LaFrance kit review

Lindberg has, a short time ago, resurrected the 1/32nd scale kit of the open cab 900 series American LaFrance pumper that some of us built as kids. In point of fact, Lindberg is in the process of re-releasing everything that they ever produced. This includes some kits that aren't the best quality or the most accurate representation of the subject but in some cases, their 1936 Auburn, for example, is the only "game in town."

Back to the ALFie.

This kit is in 1/32nd scale and while that's not the real norm for car kits, that being 1/24-1/25th, there are enough 1/32nd scale car and truck kits also by Lindberg (which in actuality are old Pyro molds) and others that a suitable diorama could be built. Plus, the most popular scale for military subjects is 1/35th and that's close enough and should you want to do an airport, there are quite a few period 1/32nd scale aircraft kits.

In any event, this kit was originally motorized and those parts are not included in this issue but that's ok cause who wants to spend a lot of time building a nice kit only to have it smash into a wall or something like that if it gets away from you.

Lindberg did quite a nice job of cleaning up the molds. This kit is from the (at least) early 60s if not the late 50s and there's virtually no flash on my example and the details are still quite crisp and clean, the raised diamond plate being a prime example.

While I've not built mine yet, I have test fitted many of the parts and the fit seems as good as it ever was, no warpage to the parts and should build up to a fine example.

The only negative thing that I can say about it is that the instructions call for a single rear tire on each side and we all know that'd be out of place. However; Lindberg does include two complete sets of tires in the kit, a soft rubber set (4) and an injection molded set (4) so with a little work you could make a dual rear axle assembly to put under it if you wanted, I'm going to.

Painting this kit would be a little complicated because in lots of places body sheet metal and raised diamond plate share the same kit piece and therefore some masking would be necessary but again, skilled modelers should not have too much trouble with it.

All in all it's a fine kit and I'm glad to have it back on the store shelves. Hopefully we can see some pictures here of some finished examples.....of all colors (Trina)

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Old 06-18-2009, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by 1st 700 Quad View Post
All in all it's a fine kit and I'm glad to have it back on the store shelves. Hopefully we can see some pictures here of some finished examples.....of all colors (Trina)
I have one, it's gray. I'll take a better picture of it and post it along with some other pictures of what I've managed to collect. I think it'd be fun to see what all of us have in terms of "toys" (not our life-sized toys).

As far as me building a model, ha! You'll have to talk to my husband about that. He's the one with that talent. I just make a mess, smear paint, and manage to get the glue/cement stuck to everything.
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